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Noel Collection (3 Standard Cards)

Noel Collection (3 Standard Cards)

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These cards echo the chill of European winters and the nostalgia of the white Christmas bring sentiments of tradition and hope to the home.

When we send you this sweet, sweet Christmas package you receive:

❄️ A glossy sticker sheet with 12 kiss-cut stickers

❄️ An inspiration booklet with an author feature, reflections on the theme and a selection of sentiments and quotes

❄️ Our intentional 'draft a little REAL' card planner to warm your pen

... all packaged with envelopes in an eco-friendly BOPP slip for protection against oils and smudges.

Designed in collaboration with Simone Gooding, an independent designer and illustrator who creates all manner of lovely things in Victoria, Australia.

These cards were printed on luxurious Italian vellum by an award-winning Australian press located in the heart of Melbourne Victoria. 

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