A goose, by any other name, would be a duck. 


'Wildergeese' is a portmanteau which comes from a mental image of a domesticated goose re-learning what it was to fly again and head North as part of a community.

At its best, real human connection and encouragement is present, listening, and helps someone become their best self. It builds them up. 

However, for a long time, society has been saturated with the idea that affirmation is the key to encouragement when affirmation is often a crutch rather than true healing. Our cards are filled with hollow absolutes ('You're the BEST') which, while they may feel good at first, can deeply dishearten. We've lost the art of writing from the heart.

When it comes to human connection, I was domesticated goose. I have stood so many times in store stationery aisles, longing for designs which went beyond the crude, aspirational and sparkly. And I have written many, many cards on my knee outside event venues, longing for a clear way to finding meaningful words which connect.

Maybe you resonate with this.

So, what do we do?

We learn how to fly again. And then we fly together.

It takes courage. Connecting with others is a skill that takes time and even when done well it can be awkward. Working on becoming deeply focussed and praticed in human connection is tiring and at times uncomfortable.

But that's why we do it together, like geese forming a skein.

The dream is that Wildergeese becomes your North Star for all things encouragement and connection. We are building a library of writing resources to help you find the words for your unique relationships, and together with independent illustrators, we are designing greeting cards with soul so you can choose art that resonates with your message.

It's early days yet. Wildergeese is just a fledgling.

But we gladly welcome you along for the journey.

the founder

Hey, I'm Cass.

I've been writing for a long, long time. I adore solving problems. I love connecting with people. And I love collaborations.

That's how Wildergeese was hatched.

Beyond Wildergeese, I do interesting desktop things for 40ish billable hours a week. I have a gorgeous husband, a troupe of sisters, kind parents and parents-in-law, a few best friends and a wonderful church family. I am grateful for all of them.

Best of all, I am held by a wonderful Saviour who is teaching me how to love others. The heart behind Wildergeese is my love for Him and the humans He made. This brand is designed to serve all.

Cassandra is looking directly at the viewer, holding a brown-olive-green scarf in her hands and pressing it against her face.