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Christmas Gift Wrapping šŸŽ„

Christmas Gift Wrapping šŸŽ„

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Wildergeese cards are a perfect gift for your nearest and dearest stationery aficionado! Add Christmas gift wrapping to any order during November and December.

Each Christmas wrap has three main components:

šŸŽ€ Tissue paper to hold the bundle together

šŸŽ€ A double-sided note: one from you and one from us!

šŸŽ€ Earthy Christmas wrapping & ribbon

The Christmas note šŸ–‹ļø

The first side reads, in glorious cursive:

Dear __________________ {Giftee's name}
This bundle of premium cards was curated especially for you by ______________ {your name}, with love.
{This final line is for your greeting! e.g., 'Merry Christmas' or 'Season's Blessings'}

The second side reads, in a finer print:

Someone chose to gift you Wildergeese cards to mark this moment.
I guess that means you must love stationery or soulful illustrations or encouraging others - or all three!
So we have a gift for you too.
If you love these products and you want to browse the catalogue, head to and use your unique discount code [{to be generated for each giftee and inserted here}] to get a free item with your first order.
Cassandra xx



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